Good Finance will support theGFI loan platform for employees of large companies

Good Finance will support theGFI loan platform for employees of large companies

Good Finance - this is the name of the first loan platform in Poland dedicated to employees of large companies, whose originator is GFI, and which will be supported technologically and operationally by Good Finance. This is another milestone in the development of online lending, which has long belonged to the so-called "Good" customers.

Good Finance, a young fintech who made his debut only in March 2018, is bravely entering new areas. He will soon prove that the platform he has created can easily support other innovative projects. The technology built by Good Finance - will now be a solid foundation for Cash.

Support new business


We knew already at the design stage of Good Finance that in the future we will want to use the opportunities offered by the platform in various ways. Our intention was to operate in a model such as Google, offering Android to other entities. The solution we created is flexible enough that it can be successfully shared with other entities in a different business concept. For the purposes of Cash, together with GFI and Lender Bank, we create a dedicated version of the platform in line with customers' expectations. We have no doubt that it will successfully support new business - says Jessica Brown, president of Good Finance.

Best loan


The originator of the undertaking is GFI. The idea is simple, but unique on the Polish market. Cash will be the first platform in Poland dedicated to employees of large companies. Cash originators want the new platform to be the first choice in the search for the best loan by this group of customers. According to GFI, customers deserve a maximally simplified loan application and competitive loan offers.

Good Finance as an expert on the market of modern, online solutions in the field of online lending was a natural choice for us. The cash platform is intended to be a place that will allow employees to quickly and conveniently obtain a low-interest loan. At the first stage, we want the largest platform employing 200 and more employees to use the Cash platform. We will invite other companies to cooperate with us - says Brian Merka, director of the Corporate Communication Office at GFI.

Innovative tool 


The Cash Platform is an innovative tool for us to build new interactions with GFI clients and to achieve ambitious goals in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčassurbanking. In cooperation with Lender Bank, we will offer employee loans on very attractive terms, thanks to which the platform will also be a beneficial solution for thousands of its end users. The loan repayment model directly from employee remuneration is a novelty on the Polish market - says Diana Sadistra, a board member at GFI.

What exactly does Cash want to win the hearts of customers?

  1. the highest ease of obtaining a loan from a trusted source on the market,
  2. a simple and transparent product - a loan at attractive prices
  3. simple repayment mechanism - the loan will be repaid automatically from the employee's salary, so he will not have to remember about payments.
  4. simple loan application - the customer will not have to provide many data (e.g. employer's data, because they will be completed automatically for the given workplace), he will not have to attach any documents or income declarations
  5. simple verification of loan applications

First credit platform


Good Finance is the first credit platform in Poland that brings together banks and loan companies. Thanks to this aggregation, Good Finance customers receive personalized offers for various loans and credits, at one place and time. Cash withdrawals can take up to 15 minutes.

The platform uses the same security procedures that are used by leading banks in Poland, which is why it guarantees users security. Due to the diverse range of Good Finance, the platform is designed for a wide group of recipients, with different levels of creditworthiness and with different expectations from lenders. Unlike search engines available on the market, Good Finance presents a specific, individual offer.